PUTTING IT BLUNTLY: Twitter Hates Free-speech

Thanks for joining me. Twitter was supposed to represent the freedom of everyone’s individual voice. Now, it seems, there is only one voice, one movement; The Woke Movement. This movement doesn’t seem a fraction as progressive as it claims to be. Sinister happenings and the silencing of women’s voices are becoming commonplace now. How the hell did we get to this point?


“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”
― Zora Neale Hurston


Since I was recently banned from Twitter, I feel the need to report on my observations. I know it’s only my first time and there are plenty of others that have met the same fate. Graham Lineham and Posie Parker, for example, were silenced from the platform for defending the rights of others. However, I smell a rat, hear a snake, and my inner Fox Mulder has already grabbed his flashlight and coat. Let’s have a look around.




The Expense of Reality


“The most striking difference between ancient and modern sophists is that the ancients were satisfied with a passing victory of the argument at the expense of truth, whereas the moderns want a more lasting victory at the expense of reality.”
Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism


Reality is in question in 2020 as some believe the earth is flat, that covering your mouth isn’t needed when there’s something nasty going around, and some that even believe you can change your biological sex. You can’t.

Stephen King got his balls out and impressed critical thinkers not so long ago by (appearing to) support JK Rowling. But that sadly only lasted about an hour. He was given a stern look, handed a cue-card and he retreated back into his shell, muttering the mantra “transwomen are women” on his way in. I wonder why. Are we nearing a release date for something?



Of course he chanted with the rest: it was impossible to do otherwise. To dissemble your feelings, to control your face, to do what everyone else was doing, was an instinctive reaction.”
George Orwell


I’ve seen a lot of this from celebrities, big names, blue-ticks, call them what you will. I’m sure most have great intentions and are just obliviously repeating positive-sounding slogans in passing. They’ve more than likely not looked too deeply into it. Especially when it’s framed as life-saving, kind, and a quick and easy thing to do. There’s also the fact that many just say/repeat what they’re paid to, literally, for a living, and this gig seems harmless on the surface.

#ProfessionalPretenders such as Daniel Radcliffe and Jameela Jamil will have a difficult time in the future. Now they must keep up and ensure they deliver every “yes” fast and hard enough. If they fail to keep up with the ever-moving goal-posts, the mob will turn on them just as quickly and ferociously.



Better to Speak


“When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”
-Audre Lorde


Here’s my initial dig at Stephen King for back-peddling on what appeared to be support for JK Rowling. Below that is someone trying to shoot me down, and my response (on the right) is what was reported and caused my ban. I posted more responses to this here to show the tone of the “debate” and my general attitude that is claimed to be too honest…I mean hateful.



Have you seen the state of that? Momentarily ignoring the tweet in question, look at my options at the bottom of the appeal. “If you’d rather just delete your Tweet, you can cancel your appeal”… While some twit younger and less travelled than half of my underwear drawer “reviews” my behaviour, I can make it all go away by DELETING MY OPINION…which happens to be based on facts and reality. Look at that language, “If you’d rather just delete your Tweet”…Really?!?! “If you’d rather just*stares off in the distance*just? Don’t diminish what you’re suggesting, you pricks! You’re trying to censor and control! You may as well say “if you’re willing to say you were wrong and roll over while our collective 4 inches gives you our best, we’ll let you back in the club.” How cultish do you want to sound?



Anyway, this is what they got instead of my submission and admission of guilt. I wonder how long it’ll take someone to check that. I’m assuming it was just one or two people that reported it and Twitter will be equipped to pick out keywords and phrases.


“You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.”
George Orwell, 1984


If I don’t adhere, I’m probably going to lose my social marketing toy. It’s a good job I’m not as dependent or addicted as they expect me to be. I’ve seen what issues this stuff causes when people get addicted and it obscures reality. Girls see the lovely bunch of flowers bought for a friend and get jealous, yet they don’t see the reason why a £50 apology gift was needed in the first place. Guys see all the toys their mates have bought and are bragging about, but they don’t acknowledge the crippling debt that frivolous purchases cause. All this and more, on Fakebook and Beyond!



I’ve Got One That Can See


“Twitter cannot rightly serve as a public square if it’s constructed around the personal opinions of its makers.”
– Jack Dorsey, Twitter.



I believe Jack Dorsey thinks that if he repeats that mantra enough times, it will become true. I am yet to see any merit to the claim. In fact, quite the contrary.

If this is the case, then why is there such a pattern for those who get banned, and those troublesome accounts that are still up there? I’m beginning to believe this blind-spot is a reflection of the moderator’s beliefs and behaviour.  Surprisingly, it’s not just on Twitter.



Reddit recently banned the r/GenderCritical group, where thousands of women enjoyed discussing life, the universe and everything with each other. Reddit did this while ignoring all the porn and misogyny on the rest of the site that maintains a green light.

YouTube pick and choose what opinions are allowed, de-monetising anyone that strays from the approved narrative, and removing the incentive for many to use the site. Joe Rogan recently got fed up with them and took his business elsewhere.

Twitch ban members for one thing, then give animal abusers a free pass to keep making both the individual and the company money.

Again, please go forth and fuck thyself! Do you honestly think that no one on the outside looking in can’t see these behavioural patterns? It’s only a matter of time until everyone sees through the mirage.




Deceive and Overawe


“In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.”
Eugene Victor Debs


Don’t be suckered in by the cute little birdy, the soothing psychological qualities of the choice of blue in Twitter’s logo, or that bullshit about it being a friendly square for all to congregate. The Twitter machine is just that, a corporate juggernaut, automatically farming your data and exploiting your consumption weaknesses whilst acting like some fabulous public service.



There’s also the fact that they advocate brief, polarising “debate”. Discussions had behind a computer and without the possibility of a smack around the back of the head; like you’d risk getting if you were a dick to someone in real life. This makes it evident to me that Twitter are fine with everyone choosing one of two tribes (one of which is backed by Twitter) and throwing stones at each other with a couple hundred characters. This strongly goes against the concept of an unbiased public square. It also further suggests my belief that the individuals banning/silencing people are of the same opinion of those who remain to make threats and repeat mantras.




Perfecting The Language


“The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.”
George Orwell, 1984


Seeing as we’re talking about what topics can and can’t be discussed, let’s talk about how we’re being told to carry out those discussions. Controlling language is a big red flag for me. I get upset when faddy acronyms like “L.O.L.” get added to the dictionary on a whim, so imagine my horror with all this attempted nonsense.

Here’s a list of words/phrases that now mean something different, thanks to this new movement. Say them enough times, and/or be shamed, punished or “educated”, and they’ll soon stick in your head.

Educated: Scared. Controlled by fear. Make sure everyone is “educated” enough to conform.

Hate: Disagreement; something to claim when someone doesn’t enable you. “Look at all the hate in their Tweet!”

Be Better: Do as I say.

Be Kind: Submit, stop answering back.

Pride: Attention. The former being something you have and emit, the latter being something you crave and siphon.

Transphobe: Nay-sayer. A word meant to scare you into compliance. Yet, it’s already been overused to death and now EVERYTHING is transphobic.

TERF: Woman. It’s a lot more subtle than using bitch, witch, heretic, cow, slut, slag, ho’. Actually an acronym, not a 4 letter word, but people want to sound cool/clever while threatening a “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist”.

Cis: Real. This one’s important for denying reality. By making real women wear the label “cis”, transfolk don’t need to feel like they’re the ones deviating from the norm.

Woman: Trans-man. The word is being taken over. Real women have to settle with “birth-giver” or “menstruator”. It’s cool, I suppose the lasses will take that one on the nose too.

Lady/girl Dick: Micropenis, untouched penis, baby-thumb penis. Either way, it’s a weaponised reason to be angry at the world, mainly women, especially those ones that say “no”.

Affirmation: Blind enablement. Lazy/irresponsible parenting. Don’t question the whims of your children, embrace their delusion. Accept it as reality. Folie à deux; a madness shared by two.

Influencer: Manipulator. It’s the target’s fault if they allowed themselves to be influenced, they should be happy and consider it as a free lesson.

Minor Attracted Person: Paedophile, nonce, groomer. Probably the most sickening manipulation of the English language in decades. People over-reacting to those using the word in an “innocent” manner (quoting, referencing) is enough to sell me at least one of those little £1 red flags.

These are some of the more commonly used/known ones that I’ve seen. I’m sure there are a shit-load more that are used in private circles that I’ve not seen or heard before. Some may stray slightly from what I’ve written, but let’s not forget, it’s been ten years or so since it was in the charts, and many STILL misuse the word “literally”.



Brave New World


“What we are confronted with now is the problem posed by the economic and symbolic structure of television. Those who run television do not limit our access to information but in fact widen it. Our Ministry of Culture is Huxleyan, not Orwellian. It does everything possible to encourage us to watch continuously. But what we watch is a medium which presents information in a form that renders it simplistic, nonsubstantive, nonhistorical and noncontextual; that is to say, information packaged as entertainment. In America, we are never denied the opportunity to entertain ourselves.”
Neil Postman


I’ve been using the internet since 1994. I’ve seen just about every digital fad come and go. What used to be Social Networking is no more. What we’ve been told to refer to the current generation of this medium as is Social Media. I may have suggested earlier, but please kindly go and fuck yourselves.

If they could be honest for a moment, which I understand is difficult, what we have now is nothing new. This is nothing more than rebranding and renaming of Social Networking. It had to be named something nice, something cool, something marketable; while at the same time, something that isn’t called SOCIAL MARKETING. This is its true name. The only modern features I can think of are a vast increase in adverts online, and how much of your information is stored.

Make no bones about it, THAT is the main purpose of all this sensory-noise. While Facebook and the like hide behind their “we’re connecting people” bollocks, they are there to sell us stuff, first and foremost. Knowing how we humans operate, our interactions with each other have a good chance of triggering the sale of all the platform’s wares; whether that’s a TV show, clothing, make-up, a political party, an ideology, or possibly even a soulless sociopathic manipulator…sorry, “influencer”.



Marketing in Disguise


“Because the horror of Communism, Stalinism, is not that bad people do bad things — they always do. It’s that good people do horrible things thinking they are doing something great.”
Slavoj Žižek



Any excuse to use this quote and I’m all over it…to the point of making artwork specifically for it and not just quoting the text! World Wrestling Entertainment’s Stephanie McMahon wins the round for honesty and for supplying us with a reason why this is happening so aggressively. Take note of the person she’s quoting; Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. That’s not suspicious at all. </sarcasm>

Sponsoring charities and causes is big money nowadays. Or at least, big exposure, which theoretically leads to big money. I’m obviously not saying that giving money to people that need it is a bad thing, I’m just trying to get my head around the intentions of some that are keen to get a piece of this pie, and how far they’d go to make sure their marketing philanthropic campaign steamed along without any problems.

It would be bad enough if these people were introduced to a small, yet often violently-vocal group of people that enjoyed playing up for this kind of spotlight. But if they all went to a party hosted by America’s addiction with selling off-label meds, I feel it’s only a matter of time before they’re arguing over whose mix-tape is going on next, for the 50th time.



Narcissistic Rage


Here’s a little example of what happens when JK Rowling acknowledges biological reality and refuses to say “yes”, just because someone demands it. Funny how none of this is considered hateful. Moderators, your hate is showing! *wink*



There’s loads more of it, should you wish to read through it. Click here for a look! (caution: some language used makes me seem like a proper gentleman)



Silencing the Heretics


“Many [totalitarians] have ruled behind a religious front. It makes the creation of heretics that much easier.”
Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale


Someone at Twitter has an agenda, possibly numerous persons, and they more than likely mingle and socialise across the other platforms. Obviously, not everyone that works for the big platforms, but I fear that most will have one or two bad apples within their ranks.

Still not convinced that something stinky is afoot? Cool, follow me.

Back to Twitter and JK Rowling’s tweet supporting Maya Forstater’s dismissal. This is quite a strange Tweet that many have noticed. The Tweet itself is fantastic, and it took a giant pair of brass ones to post it. I imagine there’s many a little keyboard warrior that is angered with envy at that.



207.9k likes appears to be the maximum that the Tweet IS ALLOWED, I’m yet to see it hit that 208k mark. Everyone and their dog that liked this tweet (that bothered to check) has had to re-like it, should they choose to, multiple times. This is bull shit. This is silencing people. This is the company’s opinion. This is an agenda. THIS IS 1984.

I know Twitter isn’t the only or biggest culprit here They just happen to be the ones that tried to put a bag over my head and the ones with the most commonly used platform. Let’s step back from Twitter momentarily to see others behaving like this. I’ll try not to go into too much detail with each instance. I’ll assume you’re in the know, but each has links to help you learn more and there’s even more links to stuff to read at the very bottom of this article in the “Sources and Further Reading”.


“Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules. I’m not sure that’s the way to fight discrimination. I’m not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.”
George Carlin (When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?)



Lesbians are being told to sleep with men, or else they’re hateful and/or transphobic. They call this the cotton ceiling. Grim.

The National Health Service hospital, The Tavistock was subject to Sky News looking into worries over NHS ‘over-diagnosing’ transgender children back in December of 2019. And then, in a more recent investigation, BBC Newsnight released NHS child gender clinic: Staff welfare concerns ‘shut down’ in June of 2020.

Allison Bailey’s recent CrowdJustice fund-raiser was shut down temporarily.  She is now suing her chambers and Stonewall to stop them policing free-speech.

Baroness Emma Nicholson has been axed as the vice-president of the Booker Prize after she was accused of “bullying” transgender model Munroe Bergdorf.

Robert Webb chimed in quite heavily for a bit, before turning around and deleting all the evidence of ever criticising the charity, Mermaids. Spiked Online had this to say on Mermaids leading kids up the garden path.

Google recently attempted to influence the UK government into changing the law by removing women’s single-sex protections from the Equality Act 2010. This was veiled as a rainbow-coloured philanthropic campaign that will “save lives” and promote tolerance and inclusion. In March of 2019, Google was dropped from the LGBT+ equality index after failing to remove a controversial ‘conversion therapy’ app and stated that “Google needs to stop digging a hole with the LGBT+ community before it’s too late.” It seems they’re replying to that threat and are trying to dig their way out of that hole now.

Asda slipped and realised their mistake when they employed a third party to supply inclusivity packs made for schools. Parents were not happy with the normalising of phrases used by paedophiles in the material, as well as graphic descriptions of sexual acts and abuse.

Tesco told Asda to hold its beer and donated almost £250,000 to mark the Pride festival; one of the three beneficiaries being Mermaids. It’s not all of it, but £80,000 is a lot of coin to give to a charity that promotes medical gay conversion therapy.

Reddit claims they’re cleaning up their site, starting with removing women’s and gender-critical groups that “promote hate speech”, yet still hosting groups full of pornography, misogyny, violence, and such.

These aren’t all the cases out there. I’m sure I’ve missed plenty.



Don’t Panic!


Not all hope is lost, however. Despite most of the bigger voices being a bit too shy to comment on the matter, there are others that have stood up and spoken out about biological reality. More will, in time. It isn’t quite JK Rowling and Graham Lineham vs The World.


As a kid, I liked David Baddiel talking and joking about football, even when I’d lost interest in the game. Hats off for him jumping in goal and catching this toxic-trend in the act.



JK Rowling and the battle she’s enduring has brought forward a few allies. All of which have had some degree of the usual “STFU TERF” thrown at them for being as rational and honest as they’ve been.



Some people were happy getting a sneaky re-tweet in here or there. Obviously aware of the mob-mentality running rampant online and doing their best to operate as covertly as possible.



You know things have gotten out of hand when Piers Morgan is playing the part of the voice of reason in this.



Historically, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been discussing every topic under the sun forever. Mr Garrison got his fancy new vagina back in 2005 and decided he wanted to de-transition in 2008. Caitlyn Jenner took a joyride through South Park in 2015 and a bloke named Heather Swanson dominated women’s sports in 2019.



I was going to take a quote from the fantastic Jonathan Pie on the matter, but there’s so much true and tasty goodness in this video, I figured I’d just let the man himself say it…before we all get sent to the WrongThink Incinerator.




Anyone Else?


Because the knowledge of #MyStupidExHuman got me into this mess, I figured I’d let him have a go at helping out with the cleanup. He’s better with people and I’ve spent too long on the internet. Since I’ve done all the heavy lifting with the investigative side of things, he can pull his weight with a bit of the “Final Thought” message to send us all home. I wired him £10 of his own money from an anonymous email account. I asked him for an open letter to anyone struggling with the issues mentioned. There are plenty of people that are just bystanders, looking for answers so much they become vulnerable themselves. He bit like a hungry carp in a pond.

Here’s what #MyStupidExHuman had to say:

People need to chill and enjoy the journey a bit more. I don’t know many people that truly knew who they were and were completely well-adjusted and balanced before the age of 25. The human brain hasn’t finished developing by that time either. Aggressive, untested, irreversible drugs and surgery to “battle” something you’ll probably adjust to naturally isn’t the greatest of plans.

It honestly doesn’t matter if you’re a girly-guy or a tom-boy girl. The majority of my father’s responses to me growing up were “shut up, you girl”. Compared to his ale-swigging, rugby-playing, working-class, alpha-male brain, I suppose I was a bit of a girl. I took dance/drama at school, talked about my feelings, meditated, read books, wrote poems/stories, had long hair, dyed it pink, pierced my bellybutton, painted my fingernails, I wore camp little mesh tops, the lot!


It’s okay not to fit the desires or expectations of someone else. Your body is you, love it and let that be their problem! Spiteful, insecure little people will often try and bring you down if you show how content you are with being yourself. If they can’t/don’t want to grow themselves, they’ll try to make others shrink. This helps them feel superior in comparison, with minimal to no effort.

Everyone is looking for that path to happiness, to self and social acceptance. Somethings in life need to be worked on overtime. Delusions, quick fixes, and magic elixirs aren’t going to fix half of what they’re advertised to. Learning and growing will help you settle into your mind, body and soul in due time. Learn from those around you, and help them learn from you.

I like to try and act like the middle sibling where I can. Most days I’ll be able to help and be useful to those around me; to look after those smaller/younger/weaker than me. But that’s not possible every day. Some days I’m going to need those that have been there and done that before, and even those fresher faces with more raw energy and passion. Everyone is different. Find the right balance.

Too many of us walk around with a diagnosis on our sleeve, shouting to everyone how bad it is. Ignoring a problem isn’t what I’m suggesting, it’s good to talk and share. However, if you let it become all that you are, I doubt it’ll end well. Playing the victim will only get you so far. And despite the pain being very real, it’s still subjective. Sure, you can find 5 people online that are better off than you. On the other hand, I guarantee it wouldn’t take long to find 10 people worse off than you either…if you dare to look. Everyone’s pain, everyone’s life, everyone’s experience is different.

Different doesn’t mean better or worse. It just means different.



So Long and Thanks For All The Slurs


There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”
– Douglas H. Everett


I think it’s safe to say that I’m onto something here. The women’s rights and gender-critical debate is the reason why I got involved. This is just one example of how we’re not having the free, open debate we’re supposed to be having, and it seems it bleeds out and into other platforms and brands. I don’t mind getting my hand slapped for this. There’s a much wider, much more important point here, and the discussion needs to be had, not shut down. It’s regressive and it’s messed up. I see there’s money to be made from this new wave of surgery and life-long prescriptions, and women and children are being chucked under the bus to protect it! There’s also the concern with the erasure of gay and lesbian kids and adults. So many reasons to break the silence.

No one is born in the wrong body, stop telling kids and vulnerable people this! This is the sort of behaviour Twitter and those mentioned earlier are enabling and capitalising from. “The customer is always right” is incorrect and has gone on too long. We’re consumer’s 24/7 and have since become entitled shit-stains. We shouldn’t be allowed to act in an unacceptable manner and then have our arses wiped, just because we might spend some money.

Safeguarding should be a priority at all times. Because of the decay of these boundaries, I’m concerned that making some dollar from drugs and surgery isn’t the whole problem here. The size and reach of the internet, however, makes it difficult to see how far predatory behaviour goes. There’s strong evidence that grooming is being ignored and normalised. Obviously, this isn’t everyone in the group, but forever exchanging the safety of ALL women and kids to protect the feelings of a small group of men is a ridiculous concept.

Either way, I think the majority with dirty hands will more than likely #GoWokeGoBroke by the end of this; either through business slowing/drying up, or getting absolutely battered in court. They seem to be catering to an audience that will never be happy and inevitably pull them under when their demands can’t be met. It seems too late for them to turn around and apologise to the groups they have already excluded.

The damage caused is far too great to wiggle out of easily and de-transitioners are already coming forward and holding those responsible accountable. They overstepped a boundary long ago, pushed all their chips in and hoped they could get away with it. Let’s not feed their delusion.

Twitter hates free-speech, and women!


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