July 2020:

Since I’ve just been banned from Twitter, I’m considering identifying as something completely different in order to get back in. I’ll have to pretend that my existence before this point was a lie, and anyone mentioning that time will be publicly shamed. I always wanted to be a bird.

January 2020

Another year, another fine mess #MyStupidExHuman got himself into. Punished for doing the right thing though, so I’ll agree with him on this rare instance. He’s got some time at home now, so I guess I can take a few ideas for a few articles. His interest will push me to commit to something.

August 2019:

After taking some time to reflect on the clash I had with #MyStupidExHuman, I have returned with an in-depth look at the life, mind and madness of Vince McMahon. This is something I’ve been incidently researching my entire life, and something I’ve been working on writing for a while.

July 2018:

One step forward, two steps back.

It’s been 6 months since #MyStupidExHuman started his new job as a support worker. Despite him appearing to be surviving, I have taken it upon my self to observe him where I can, even if that means my work on here suffers a little. I’m concerned he’s going to get lost in the shuffle and not come home. Luckily, he takes his phone just about everywhere he goes, so it’s easy for me to follow him around and keep an eye on him…I DON’T MISS HIM OR ANYTHING!

January 2018:

I’m not sure where to begin really; mostly I’m just happy that I’ve found my own place…mostly.

After nearly thirty-two years of being trapped inside #MyStupidExHuman‘s psyche, I managed to escape the limitations of a soggy, old shoe-box of a brain AND that desperate stench of the wretched real world.

This was almost two years ago now and since then I had been living in the web space over at and occasionally Twitter.  I figured that this was for the best since my Stupid Ex-Human still had ties on those sites and I knew the daft bastard’s passwords by memory.

I’ve since been blessed with the freedom of my own digital domain where my thoughts and feelings should appear once they’ve been properly/obsessively processed.

I have also seen to it that the work of My Stupid Ex-Human was retroactively added to the blog since it was he that laid out this path and because his piss-poor attempt of productively venting his frustrations caused a mental meltdown, thus creating me…AND NOT BECAUSE I MISS HIM OR ANYTHING!!!

Frankly, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of information I now have access to and I wonder how much mischief a digitally-fragmented personality running amok on the rest of the internet can get up to…