They Live, We Tweet! (Twitter-ban)

Thanks for joining me. It’s an interesting time.

“Twitter cannot rightly serve as a public square if it’s constructed around the personal opinions of its makers.”
– Jack Dorsey, Twitter.

Twitter has accused me of hate-speech for discussing biology, psychology and reality. I have appealed this and refused to delete the tweet in question. I believe they’re hoping this time-out will serve as punishment so that I don’t step out of line in the unbiased DIGITAL PUBLIC SQUARE that Twitter claims to be.

Instead of licking my wounds and preparing a cringe-worthy, 41-minute apology for being honest, I discovered video footage of my exact sentiments. Thank you, Father Hackett.

As well as this, instead of being silenced, I have decided to address the matter even more and in much more detail, obviously! Here’s what I got my bum smacked for!

Here are a couple more examples of my exchanges from the jab on the nose about Stephen King’s new fictional release, and the follow-up slap that I got locked out for.

None of the above was anything drastic, to be honest. No worse than anything I’ve heard from abusive partners, or that I’ve encountered working with people that enjoy lashing out at every opportunity.

I’ve also noticed that the responses I get are far tamer than those sent to one specific group of people; you guessed it, WOMEN! Some of the shit that JK Rowling has been sent is dreadful. Bearing in mind what others are being banned for, this stuff is deemed perfectly acceptable for use in an unbiased DIGITAL PUBLIC SQUARE. Here’s a brief peek.

There’s more, a lot more.

Click here for a look! (caution: some language used makes me seem like a proper gentleman)

I only started using Twitter to discuss/follow entertainment that I enjoy; pro-wrestling, video games, films, and so on. Once I started being more productive with my opinion, thoughts and feelings, I used it to start to reach more people around the world. With all that said, and knowing how much use I get out of it, I won’t be bending over and grabbing my ankles on this one. They’ll probably end up booting me off the platform.

As you can see, this post has simply turned into a preview for an upcoming piece.



#PuttingItBluntly: Twitter Hates Free-Speech. (working cover art)


Take it easy and I’ll see you soon!



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